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Mobility Issues? Install a Stairlift to Retain your Independence

If you are of retirement age and are living alone, there will come a day when you find it challenging to climb the stairs and if family keep calling you because they are worried about you living on your own, this might be the ideal time to install a stairlift.

Tailored Solutions

The stairlift supplier adopts a customised approach and using a range of rail sections, the system can be fitted to a straight or curved staircase. If, for example, you have a narrow staircase, then the stairlift would be streamlined to fit the surroundings. You can rent a unit if your need is temporary; if an elderly relative is coming to stay for a few months, you can rent a unit for a set amount of time and the supplier takes care of everything. All sections are fabricated in the factory and assembled onsite, which only takes a few hours. There are stairlift services in Lichfield from an established supplier and they can easily be found with a Google search.

Safety First

The latest generation of stairlifts come with safety features; the user wears a restraining belt and there is a system that prevents obstacles from impeding the rail. There is a swivel chair for added safety and self-operation means you can retain your independence.

Remote Control

If you are downstairs and the chair is up on the landing, you can return the chair using a wireless remote control unit, which fits nicely in your pocket. The same goes for calling the chair to the upstairs landing, which makes things easy.

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